1. When purchasing prints from Fine Art America, what type of paper do you recommend?
The original art is drawn in pen on vellum paper, with that in mind, Archival Matte Paper is the choice that best suites the artwork.

2. How do I purchase an original drawing?
At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system.   Please contact me directly to inquire about purchasing an original drawing.

3. Can I commission you to a drawing for me?
Yes, you may contact me directly to discuss the details of your drawing. Your special place, vehicle, etc… can be Forever In Ink. You will own the rights to the original drawing and it will be option to allow me to sell prints on Fine Art America.
The prints that I purchased from Forever In Ink where of superior quality and made a fine addition to my living room. The prints shipped quickly and arrived a lot sooner than I expected them too.
Donny Martin, PA
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